Adam Swanson

Adelaide born Adam Swanson is the owner and Executive Chef of Zucca Greek Mezze, at Holdfast Shores in Glenelg – Adelaide’s suburban beach tourist district. At age 17 Adam realised he had an uncompromised fascination and passion for food. He invested 7 years of training and by his mid twenties had become the owner of his own restaurant!

Now, with many years of experience, his devoted love affair with food has become a personal and professional success. His inspiration comes from the much loved traditional homestyle cooking which was a major part of his upbringing. “I spent my free time in my family’s cheese making business, and countless hours falling in love with the flavours and smells from my grandma’s kitchen”. Adam’s achievements are a testament to his devoted work and love for food.

His first restaurant Zucca Greek Mezze was established in late 2003. It had only been open for one year when it won the ‘Best Mediterranean Restaurant’ award. It went on to win this award for three consecutive years and as a result Zucca was entered into the hall of fame by the Restaurant and Catering Association of South Australia. More recently in 2009, Zucca restaurant also won the association’s first ever category ‘Best Greek Restaurant’.

Adam also was a founding owner and Executive Chef at Esca, also at Holdfast Shores, until February of 2010. Esca accumulated multiple awards including Best New Restaurant (2005) and Best European Restaurant (2006) in the South Australian Restaurant and Catering Association Awards. Extending his passion for food, Adam is also a regular chef on TEN’s Ready Steady Cook and makes regular guest appearances on “Justine Schofield’s Everyday Gourmet”, “Good Chef, Bad Chef” and Seven’s “Out of the Blue”.


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