1. Note: When handling nettles please wear rubber gloves to protect against the sting; once cooked they will no longer sting.
  2. In a small saucepan bring the cream to a simmer.
  3. Add the cheese and slowly melt. Once the cheese is melted add the nettles and a pinch of pepper, gently mix through and remove from the heat. Taste sauce and season with salt if needed (the cheese is very salty so it will not need much).
  4. Cook pasta as per packet directions.
  5. Once the Gnocchi is cooked, heat a fry pan on a high and add the butter. Once the butter has melted add the Gnocchi and brown the outsides.
  6. Pour the cheese sauce over the gnocchi and gently mix through.
  7. Serve topped with the pine nuts and lemon zest. We purchased our stinging nettles from the Adelaide Showground’s Farmers Market on Sunday.  Keep an eye out for nettles at your local farmers market.  

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