Anchoviette Butter


  1. Marinate steaks with olive oil, rosemary and thyme and set aside.
  2. Cook pasta as per packet directions.
  3. Heat a griddle pan on medium to high heat. Season steak and place onto pan. Cook for 5 minutes on one side and then turn over and cook for a further 5 minutes, remove from heat, cover and rest the steak for 5 minutes.
  4. Strain pasta and then add the anchoivette butter making sure it’s mixed through well.
  5. Place pasta on to a plate and serve with steak.
  6. Garnish with crispy shallots sprinkled over the steak. Anchoviette Butter
  7. In a food processor place the anchovies, sage, and garlic, then process until a chunky paste consistency forms.
  8. Add the butter, red wine and brandy.
  9. Process until all the ingredients are combined.
  10. Place into a container and refrigerate. Crispy Shallots
  11. Heat a frying pan on a medium to high heat. Add duck fat and melt. Once hot, add shallots gradually and fry until crispy.
  12. Remove shallots from pan and place on absorbent paper. Set aside in a warm place.